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Charter Schools Position Update Study

Issues ranging from Authorization to Zero tolerance discipline

LWVIL Charter Schools Position Update


The Wheaton LWV is participating in the League of Women Voters of Illinois Charter Schools Position Update. The study addresses a variety of issues regarding charter schools ranging from Authorization to Zero tolerance discipline, with consideration for policies which might apply to all public schools, including charters. Links to the initial study document and questions and consensus form plus an interesting youtube video are below. The timeline for the update is:

September, 2014: LWVIL sends the complete study kit to local Leagues

January 31, 2015: Consensus reports from local Leagues due to LWVIL

March, 2015: State Board votes on the updated position

June, 2015: State Convention + Delegates vote on the updated position

Important Links

Video of a panel of education experts (1.5 hours) - from both traditional public schools and charter public schools, who met in Oak Park on September 10th as part of the Oak Park LWV's charter school update activities.

Introduction and Instructions

Questions and Consensus Form

PowerPoint Presentation

Recently asked questions about the study

Yes/No Questions - Matrix