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Proposed Expenditure Study

Proposed State Study

The Wheaton LWV proposed a Fiscal Policies Expenditure Study for the state league. There was a consensus that the fiscal challenges facing our State should be the key focus of our LWVIL. We recognize that pensions are one area of concern. However, our League felt it was one symptom of a larger disease. We ultimately would like a position that will give us broader latitude to comment on fiscal waste and/or irresponsibility. We believe a Fiscal Policy that focuses on revenue only is not balanced and needs to address spending.

In preparing for this proposed study, members - looked at the positions of other state leagues related to fiscal policy. See Excerpts.

The committee presented at the state convention using the following materials:

Our study was a non-recommended item on the agenda, but was very well-received and supported. Our motion to "consider" the study passed, but we needed 67 votes to have the motion "adopted." The final vote was 60-36. Many delegates spoke in favor of the study and offered assistance if we decide to pursue a change to LWV IL's position on the state's Fiscal Policy.