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Handbook for Members

Information for Members

The handbook provides all the information about the League of Women Voters of Wheaton that members need. It is a good resource for both members and people interested in the LWV.

Handbook for 2017-2018

View the Handbook for Members. Contents include:
  • League Of Women Voters of Wheaton, Illinois - Bylaws

  • LWV Wheaton Guidelines And Policies

  • LWV Wheaton Local Program (Positions) 2017 - 2018

  • Board Of Directors 2017 + 2018

  • Budget 2017-2018

  • Active Committees 2017 - 2018

  • Government Boards And Commissions

  • Your League Members Serving On Government Boards And Commissions

  • Useful Websites And Links

  • League Glossary

  • Affiliations

  • Founding Of The League Of Women Voters Of Wheaton

  • LWV Of Wheaton Presidents