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2017 Annual Report

Water Study

Here is a Summary of the LWV's Water Program:"Water: Get the Lead Out!" including results from water tests in Wheaton and neighboring towns.

Support School Referenda on April 4th

Vote "Yes" on the District 200, West Chicago High School District 94, and Benjamin District 25.. Read out Our Letter of Support.

Candidate Forums in March 2017

Attend the Candidate Forums,

Contacting Elected Officials

Check out this new article on Contacting Elected Officials

CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER: Unit Meeting: Gun Violence. As a Health and Safety issue

Attend Unit Meeting: Gun Violence. As a Health and Safety issue on March 13th. We will have VIP speaker, Robin Kelly, U.S. Representative for Illinois's 2nd congressional district since 2013. View the poster.

Winfield Township Republican Candidate Forum on Feb. 11, 2017

Video: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Sex Offenders: A difficult subject that needs to be discussed

Attend the Unit Meeting: "Sex Offenders: A difficult subject that needs to be discussed" on Jan. 19th at 7 PM. Look at the calendar for more details.

Letter to Editor on Collecting Signatures

Read this letter to the editor on the importance of signing petitions for candidates to be on the ballot. Feel free to pass on the URL ( to others.

Online Payments for Donations and Memberships

You can use PayPal to join the League online. PayPal supports major credit cards and does not require membership in PayPal. You can also donate to the Wheaton LWV. Look for the Join Online and Donate Online sections of the following forms.

Wheaton LWV Facebook Group

We have started a Facebook group "Wheaton League of Women Voters". If you are a member, just search for the group and request to join. If you are not a Facebook member, consider joining Facebook. We will send out timely announcements. Group members can also chat online, create documents and events and post photos plus all the usual posting and commenting. Check out Wheaton League of Women Voters Facebook Group. You won't see this if you are not a member.